EOPAN 2.3.0 Released

What’s new in version 2.3:
– Take pictures with RICOH THETA V 360° camera, download and view.
– Fixed some problems on iOS 11. (Camera roll, UI, etc.)
– Fixed issue between application and portal of JPG image with memo.
– Fixed a problem downloading portal’s StereoCubemap image to EOPAN App.

EOPAN 2.2.0 Released

What’s new in version 2.2:
– EOPAN is now free to download with in-app purchases
– hotspot icons to change your viewpoint or go to another image, in panorama and binocular images
– mirror the display to another device (requires Bluetooth). See Camera menu to start mirroring and to connect on the other device
– movies can be recorded and added to memos
– shortcut buttons for quick access to common tasks: long press on thumbnail then drag-and-drop to shortcut
– camera button on cloud screen to upload image to EOPAN Cloud after recording

We are excited to announce the EOPAN Cloud Portal.

This website lets you create and manage your EOPAN files in the cloud, and view EOPAN images in your browser. You can
– create EPA files
– view panoramas in a browser with 360 degree movement
– transfer data from PC to your mobile device
– define hotspots for spherical and binocular images
– show banner messages (with Silver Plan)
– usage statistics (with Silver Plan)
– user management (with Master option)
– information distribution (with Master option)

Select the EOPAN Cloud menu in EOPAN to register, then login to the Cloud Portal at